Proclaim is like...
YouTube on Steroids!

A fresh, new approach to making online video a meaningful part
of day-to-day business communications


"Video adds a personal connection and builds credibility, and it's much more affordable and efficient than constant travel for face-to-face meetings. But most of the tools out there don't have the functionality businesses need to get the job done.

Companies like Netbriefings are developing tools that give companies the power they need for quick and easy video messaging."

Steve Vonder Haar -- Interactive Media Strategies

"Proclaim makes streaming easy. Bravo to Netbriefings for developing a solid streaming application that is super easy to use."

Mike Pihlman -- Telbit Consulting

"When I first saw Proclaim, I thought Wow this is a really powerful tool for making compelling video presentations with a webcam right at my desktop. This is really different from all the other solutions that are out there!"

Paul Ritter -- Vice President Research, Interactive Media Strategies

"I'm almost speechless. This product is an answer to our prayers
(I think). Very impressive!..."

Chuck Proulx -- CEO, Quality Tool

"Killer App for sure! Easy to use, ability to both standardize and personalize video."

Randy Geller -- Principal,
Victory Capital

"This tool allows for do-it-yourself video webcasts. It's easy to use, fast to set up and simple to deploy or distribute."

Dale Kurschner -- Employee Communications Manager,
Lawson Software

"Proclaim is a service that adds great value ... by providing managers with an easy-to-use tool for live and on-demand communications..."

Andrew Davis -- Managing Partner, Wainhouse Research

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Video on the internet is a compelling
way to get your message out.

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Tell a powerful story with video, sound, and PowerPoint.

For Business Communications...
  • Create short, engaging rich media messages

  • Make personal connections and build credibility

  • Drive your point home
For Sales ...
  • Engage your prospects and get their attention

  • Stand out in the sales cycle

  • Better than phone calls and text emails
For Marketing ...
  • Drum up interest for product launches

  • Promote your events with ease

  • Showcase your company branding
For Training ...
  • Show off your products instead of just talking about them

  • Show live and on-demand product demonstrations

  • Track the usage of
    who watched