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Every Kinda People

We're not sure what's in the water in Portland but we do know that the colorful kids at Corvent are an interesting bunch. In the world of bland corporate marketing with everyone proclaiming they're the "leading solution" blah blah blah, the folks at Corvent are doing the right thing and telling their customers and prospective partners who they are as people. Real people, with solid educational backgrounds, great work experiences, and personal interests that other people can relate to. Corvent is doing this via Conferencing News' Key People Directory and they've been signing up en masse in the last week.

In that it's Friday and we're still a little tipsy from last night, we figure we'd key in on the personal interests of team Corvent. We find an extreme ice cream eater, a spear fisherman, a Johnny Cash fan, a live mannequin specialist, a musician, a cookie monster, and our favorite, a unicyclist. (Note to Jessica B: anytime you want to race down 5th Avenue, bring it on. Oh, and another thing. We dare you to upload to YouTube a video of you riding your unicycle and proclaiming your company's slogan "Corvent has proven methodologies and personalized solutions for utilizing today’s Web conferencing and collaborative technologies.") Now that will get the message out to the thousands of readers of Conferencing News!

Check out more of the professionals at Corvent on the Key People Directory.