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"Our Pets"

Back in the first internet bubble, with the foosball-at-work sensibilities, companies really started to get weird and corny. Back then, on the website of conference bridge maker Latitude (purchased by Cisco), the senior management team as part of their respective bios listed their favorite vegetables. The Latitude CEO's was "broccoli." As we've written about before, we're all for peoples' identities getting out in front of the banal corporate identities, but learning from a corporate website what an executive's favorite vegetable is seems wacked.

Some things haven't gotten less weird. As we wrap up a week full of dog related blog posts, and the voyeur in us went viewing some conferencing company websites, we found this doozy on a conference calling company's website. Under "Our Pets" of Conference Calls Unlimited (not to be confused with Unlimited Conferencing) the website displays the pets belonging to various employees of the company. Check out Auggie, the CEO's dog posing above, bathed in the golden sunset and venetian blind shadows. (Such a poser, that Auggie.) Maybe this is heartwarming juxtaposed against the commodity of basic conference calling. Yet we wonder, what's better on a corporate website: our pets or our vegetables? Is it better to brand with a yellow labrador or green broccoli?