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Conferencing Animals

Question: How can you tell when a product is getting commoditized in a market?

Answer: When new entrants run out of good product names.

Introducing OrcaMeeting from Whaleback Systems. It's a basic audio and web conferencing service. What the connection is between conferencing and killer whales is beyond us. Killer whales remind us of three things:

1) The dirty, smelly all over families at SeaWorld in our most unfavorite city in the world: Orlando.
2) Cute cuddly .
3) Great white . (Or "shocks" as they say in Boston.)

...But conferencing? Can you imagine hearing at the office, "Oh yeah, let's discuss that in an Orca meeting." Maybe when you dial into the OrcaMeeting bridging service the music-on-hold plays eerie whale calls.

Who knows? Maybe we're wrong and animal-branded conferencing is going to be the new trend. It's well known that affixing a critter to the labels of wine increases sales dramatically. Attention conferencing vendors: quick, go get those web domain names with animals! is available!!! And we all know how social and collaborative apes are so the metaphor branding will really resonate, and promo deals like offering a free bunch of bananas at sign-up will yield high conversion rates.