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Corvent Loves Conferencing News and Unsanctioned Acts After-Hours

Following our two previous blog posts about the crazy kids at Corvent, we got this spirited note from Monica Ellis, its Sales and Marketing Manager (pictured). We wonder, what's in the drinking water up there in Oregon? They're acting even happier than we are. No wonder they have water drinking contests. They're juiced on that stuff.

Hey CN,

Thanks for the nods today (we think?)! After not one, but TWO mentions in a single day, we have to comment. You’re right, we do love to have fun (and dogs) around here. But we have to clear up a few things, just in case you think we're having too much fun:

- All canines and their humans must adhere to a strict no barking policy during event hours
- Event Managers may only play Dance Dance Revolution during events after all other measures to stay awake have been exhausted
- No beer shall be consumed until all scheduled events are completed
- What happens in unsanctioned, offsite, after-hours work functions stays in unsanctioned, offsite, after-hours work functions
- Also, Ralphie wanted us to mention that he is 100% original. He imitates no dog (and certainly not a Shitsu, a Shih Tzu, or a Shitzue)!
- But in all seriousness, one of our team members actually did consult a physician before we decided to partake in the water drinking contest. Note: it was who could drink 32 ounces the fastest (as opposed to who could drink the most). We do have to admit, though, it may be doctor approved, but we wouldn’t recommend trying this one at home kids.
We have another contest in the works, but you’ll have to keep checking out our newsletter to see it. All we're saying is that it involves bubbles…
We love CN!
Corvent LLC

Note to Corvent: Regarding your dog Ralphie and how he imitates no other dog, after watching him play with the WebEx beachball, you might want to convince him to do otherwise. ; )