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Video Reviews: Why I Like To Work At WebEx

You know a company's got its act together when its brand attracts not only new customers, but also new employees. WebEx gets branding - bigtime. Of course, because we're not looking for a job at WebEx, we have a slightly different take of their recruitment campaign. Below are our video reviews for each of the WebEx employee vidz who rhapsodize with various props about working at WebEx. Nothwithstanding our always odd take on things, you gotta hand it to WebEx: You can't get employees to appear on video if they don't mean what they say. See all videos here. Our comments below:

Shadi: Dude, what's the deal with the magic basketball with the concave bottom? You can't spin a real basketball? We can.

Sandy: Beautiful kid. We like your enthusiasm.

Donna: Another beautiful kid, and we dig your hipster t-shirt. But why didn't you bring your guitar and play it?

Ilan: Rubber wigs are so 1970s. You need to permanently tattoo your head blue and green and show some commitment.

Angelina: Quit your job at WebEx and join us in New York. We need a worldwide operator - and a new editor.

Matt, Monique, Charles: It's a good thing Dave's laid back because you didn't let him speak.

Steve: You're a gardener? Where are your green - and blue - thumbs? And why not blue and green flowers?

Dave: We dig your Zen tranquility and groovy mellowness.

Jan: You're fine with the green shirt but where are your blue pants? You are in violation of the sartorial guidelines.

Get the popcorn and watch the vidz here.