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Wine Tasting Virtual Events

You know the web event services market is growing when you begin to see online events beyond the usual "webinars about webinars." On the alpha version of the recently launched EventSpan, there have recently been uploaded web event listings for dog training (here and here) and even one for "Canine Massage Therapy." (Uhhh, no comment.)

Now, one of our favorites, wine tasting. A press release from Stream57 just came out promoting a forthcoming virtual event for wine tasting with a company called Tastoria. We took the liberty of taking three minutes and uploaded this Bacchanlian online event to EventSpan to show the basic listing functionality of the EventSpan service, though to be sure the listing could be dramatically improved with headshot photos of wine experts and such. You can see a syndicated widget generated from the EventSpan in this blog post below

Even WebEx Event Center is in on the wine action: a search for "wine" on EventSpan yields this result from the thousands of web event listings now pouring into the site.

Virtual wine tastings. ...Because we all need to mix business with pleasure in our online events. Here's the widget banner (which could be richer with a headshot)...