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Everyone's A Comedian

The democratization of media makes everyone a comedian. Check out the YouTube video above about Polycom's HDX system "for working at home" (ahhh, the artistic splendor of a gorgeous whiteboard to decorate the home) in which the presumptive Polycom project leader congratulates his team for developing this new system in "half the time, with half the effort and with half the people and with half the resources." The team and shareholders might want to hear that, but we think customers might also want to hear "at half the anticipated price." ...But hey, who's listening with the knee-slapping animal slippers and Business Bib getup?

We want to know: Is this a Polycom employee? Was it sanctioned by Polycom? Is the SiteSpeed guy scared that he'll lose his King of Comedy status in the realm of conferencing vendors? Inquiring minds want to know!

UPDATE: NOV. 16 -- Sorry kids, it appears they took the above video down. You missed the jocularity. So much for "letting go of your brand" on YouTube. We dare say it's a lesson learned about not speaking to/about yourselves and addressing your audience - your customers. It's a tough, reflexive corporate habit to kick notwithstanding that it's Marketing 101.