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Telepresence. Videoconferencing. Same thing, eh?

Our media friends in Canada - the attic of North America whose tenants sometimes complain about the constant party below it - evidently haven't gotten the party line about how telepresence isn't video conferencing. They certainly haven't heard from some cranky consultants who tell us that and send us nasty emails.

Check out this trade article with the headline referring to telepresence as "high-end video conferencing" and the sub-head referring to "life-sized images at the other end of the conference call" and the first line of the article, "Cisco Systems has launched a video conferencing hardware line..." Oh Canada!!! You're so on the money with these proper descriptions of telepresence! CN is coming upstairs to party with you! We'll bring the Jack and hope know you have the ice. (The article ends with this amusing nugget: "TelePresence requires a Cisco IP phone, which is sold separately." Sorta like buying a mansion and getting charged extra for the set of keys.)

If the trade media isn't falling for this smear campaign against the term "videoconferencing" marketing construct in the word "telepresence" and how "it's not videoconferencing," will end-users? We think not.