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CN Welcomes A New Sponsor: Sensorama, Inc.

Conferencing News welcomes our newest advertiser, Sensorama, Inc., a provider of immersive presence solutions.

Systems from Sensorama provide a truly immersive experience, creating the illusion one is in the same environment as remote partipants. With colorful, wide-vision viewing, the patented Sensorama system is a generation ahead of "traditional telepresence" systems which are really just "monitors on a table." With the Sensorama technology, as advertised above, true-life experience such as aromas, wind, and vibration create an environment for natural communication and unparalleled productivity.

Walter "Buzz" Slater, VP of Marketing for Sensorama, says "Sensorama is not telepresence." He added, "Sensorama provides the ability to see and hear people’s physical and emotional reactions as they are expressed in addition to the smells they give off, such as perfume, bad breath, and flatulence. In this way, Sensorama enhances the social connection and collaboration capabilities of remote people with a real lifelike experience."