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3 Martini WebEx Lunch

The green and blue branding machine of WebEx is at it again, now featuring "WebEx Films Presents" YouTube videos of customer success stories. In anticipation of this press release with a firm called Ad Giants, a new video was posted above about the use of WebEx in their daily business. It's very well produced and moves along at the right pace for product promotions on the web.

Ad Giants even describes in the video how it uses WebEx for working lunches, where everyone including their client gathers around the WebEx meeting and chows. Finally, the conferencing industry is moving forward again with innovation. Cocktails and conferencing, anyone?

What's interesting is how the WebEx logo is so prominently displayed on the homepage of Ad Giants. WebEx represents a critical piece of their business process, so much so that they're virtually co-branding WebEx in their corporate identity. The medium is the message.