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Go ape.

"Ohhhh.... NOW I get it! That's a brilliant offering and I am sure people are going to go ape for it. Great application."

After a brief discussion, seeing a temporary sneak peak screen shot, and reading the recent Eventspan blog post, the above quote was emailed to us by a webinar industry expert in response to understanding Eventspan's widget feature. It seems it was an "Aha! moment" about this specific feature (not the site; it's in stealth mode). On the forthcoming Eventspan site, a single click turns an online event listing into standardized advertising banners to syndicate and display on third party websites, like those of B2B publishers, bloggers, and professional profile social networking pages.

Widget advertising and marketing, a key feature of the Eventspan syndication platform for promoting webinars and webcasts, is something we agree that people will "go ape" about. We're going bananas about it too.